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Online course available soon!

~ Healing through the Chakras ~

This 8 week course is not for the faint at heart but rather a courageous seeker looking to heal on a deeper level – turning to the Chakras to answer questions regarding why we are still holding onto patterns of behavior, thought forms, relationships and beliefs that are no longer serving us.  As we learn in-depth each Chakra and its development, we can release suffering that no longer pertains to our current situation, freeing us to live a full life in the present moment.


Each week we will learn the developmental stages of each Chakra, behaviors that show up related to trauma of the Chakra and how to heal ourselves through meditation, mantras, movement, oils, crystals, food & more.  Creating a harmonious flow of energy throughout the entire energetic system thus reflecting a harmonious flow of energy in our lives.  As Above, So Below.

Cost: $88

Online course available soon!

Have you ever ignored that inner voice that prompted you to do or say something + you simply brushed it off as your imagination? 

And you regretted it later...

Learn to trust your inner guidance and strengthen your Intuition to live a conscious life supported by your Higher Self, Guides and Angels. 

Learn tools and techniques in creating Sacred Space, Meditation, Spirit Messages, Manifesting, strengthening your Clairs, muscle testing, crystals and cleansing tools.

COST: $44