Wednesday, September 18th  6-8PM    $10 includes crystals & cleansing tools

Located at 

Our Lady of the Snows Center

Do you ever think of someone and they call?

Do you dream of something happening and it does?

Do you get a feeling to do something and there's positive results? Or do you ignore that inner nudge and something negative happens?

Do you feel that there’s more for you to be experiencing in life?

This 2 hour class will teach you tools of developing, strengthening and trusting your Intuition.  Learn techniques in Meditation, Muscle Testing, Higher Self Writings, Essential Oils & Inner Knowing. 

Join open-minded like-Spirited individuals to amplify your gifts & abilities to strengthen the connection with your Higher Self & the Universe. Fine tune your manifesting capabilities, deepen relationship with yourself & decipher messages with clarity for direction.

Tickets go on sale August 16th @ 8AM

space is limited 

check out FB event for more info.