What’s an Energy Healing Session?

As a client, you may be seeking assistance through your healing journey and I am here to help. At the beginning of the session we will briefly discuss your intentions - reduce stress levels, sleep better, let go of energetic baggage, healthier lifestyle, physical healing, emotional release, mental clarity and calmness, spiritual enlightenment.

Laying on the table, fully clothed, and under a warm blanket, I will connect with your energetic biofield -chakras, meridians, energetic cords, etc., and identify where there may be blocks of energy flow, stagnant or old energy that gets to be released, too much or too little energy in center areas.  Then I will go to work – releasing, clearing, opening and activating these areas to create a flow of energy throughout the body. 

How will I do this you ask?

Using techniques as a trained Reiki Master & Advanced Theta Healing with Sound Healing – tuning forks, drums, singing and Tibetan bowls, oils and guided meditation. As well as my gifts of being an Intuitive.

By the time we are done with the session, which lasts 75 minutes, you will feel centered, grounded, relaxed and empowered.

My intentions for these Energy Healing Sessions are to create a safe, sacred space where the natural balance of energy within the bodies will heal all areas of your life – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My wish for you is that you will know what health feels like, that you may experience peace and joy in your relationships especially the relationship you have with yourself, that you have a deep love for yourself and others.  That is my wish for you and I would like to create that space for you to find it!

$100 per session; 75 minutes        

$285 for 3 session package ($95/session)         

Couples Energy Healing Session $150/60 minute session         


Connect with your partner on an Energetic level with support of hands-on-healing, sound therapy, essential oils and more. Heal past wounds, strengthen your connection with each other, let go of what no longer serves the relationship in a safe, sacred space.


Online (Video) Spiritual Counsel & Healing $50 per 30 minute session COMING SOON!


Experience distance Energy Healing clearing energetic blockages and stagnant energy that no longer serves you on your path.  This includes ancestral karma, energetic cords, energetic trauma stored in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  Align Chakras, repair and strengthen Aura.  Receive messages of healing, peace and direction from the Spiritual Realm.

Sessions conducted via zoom conference - link provided with appointment confirmation.  


Online / Over the Phone - Mediumship Reading $50 per 30 minute session COMING SOON!     


Connect with your Spiritual Team - Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, Higher Self for messages of healing, peace, direction and clarity.  Oracle Card reading included.  Sessions conducted online via zoom or over the phone - link provided with appointment confirmation.

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