Walking into my session I immediately felt safe and relaxed. I didn’t know what to expect, though I still left feeling as if Shelby exceeded my expectations. Sure the session felt like a massage, but beyond the relaxation this was energetically an opening experience. I left feeling calm and connected to my self on a deeper level (or I suppose higher level would be more accurate). Shelby and her abilities allowed for me to feel safe in exploring the many facets of aura and energy that surround me. I look forward to seeing her again and highly recommend for your wellbeing.

Shelby is also a really powerful teacher. She instills confidence in the unknowns of the session and walked me through everything she sensed as well.

Alex M.

Shelby has the ability to transcend any doubts you may have, allowing even a skeptic to experience healing. She zeroed in on a toxic relationship that was draining me and my family and shifted that connection. I've felt a surreal peaceful shift in my life since, an outcome that I hadn't dared hope for. 

~ Emily C.

I was toying around with the idea of doing a group meditation for my birthday party. But I wasn't sure how my friends would react to the idea and was dragging my feet. Then the universe sent me Shelby. And I'm so very glad it did! We did a 30 minute sound meditation. Most all of my friends reached out to thank me for the experience and tell me how much they enjoyed it.  The sound tools made it much easier to connect for beginners and those of us that are more experienced as well. I would highly recommend gathering up your people and giving it a try. 

~ Jenn B.

Shelby has natural talent for being kind with hearts and gentle with bodies. She has refined those skills and now offers a pragmatic and efficient approach to addressing what is out of alignment and inviting the body to choose harmony. Shelby has developed her abilities and capacities through the trials of her own journey. She now offers valuable guidance and support for where your own path becomes difficult. Let her restore you to yourself. She is uniquely qualified to lead the way through pain and into clarity. 

~ Katherine H. 

Shelby has an amazing presence about her and immediately makes you feel safe and loved. My sessions with her have been helpful in moving out some energy and old wounds I was hanging on to. She instinctually knows what you need and uses a variety of tools to facilitate healing.

~ Bridget W.

A BIG THANK YOU to Tammy Anderson who took and edited all the photos you see on this site! Thank you so much! 

I was quite nervous, being my first photo shoot and as she walked through the door, her presence calmed me immediately! She is open to create any idea and loves capturing someone in their element. I highly recommend her for portraits, events and family photos!

IG: @wheredreamshavenoend

Phone: (801) 205-1172